Alexis Hudon "Groseille" 2022

Alexis Hudon "Groseille" 2022

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Grapes - Cabernet Franc","Gamay

Origin - France, Loire Valley,

Vintage - 2022

"Groseille" comes from the Touraine area but declassified into Vin de France. Alexis purchases the grapes in Saint-Aignan, Loire et Cher (east of Tours). 6 parcels of young Gamay. Originally from Quebec, Canada, Hudon spent a decade working as a sommelier in Quebec City and Montreal. In 2013, he relocated to Paris and worked his first harvest in 2014 alongside acclaimed winemakers Julien Guillot in Burgundy and Nicolas Reau in Anjou. In 2015, he moved to the Loire to work full-time with Lise & Bertrand Jousset, where he passionately committed himself to winemaking. Hudon buys exclusively-organic fruit from friends in the Touraine AOP, working alongside the owners to prune, till, and harvest the land. All vinifications are with a focus on minimal intervention. Hudon released his first solo vintage in 2018, which grew to 1,500 cases by the 2019 vintage. His early vintages have quickly earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting new winemakers in the Loire region.
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